About us

The Africa Public Sector Human Resource Managers’ Network (APS-HRMnet) was established to respond to the realization of the need to strategically prioritise, modernise and professionalise the human resources management function in the public sector in Africa. Every government requires capable human resources with requisite capabilities to achieve its development agenda.
This explains the need for promoting effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery to achieve strategic development goals and commitments of the African countries at the global, regional and national levels.

The understanding behind the establishment of the Network was and still is that the translation of local, national, regional, and global development strategies into tangible results and fulfilment of the service needs of the citizens must be placed in the hands of capable human resources. APS-HRMnet was therefore established to professionalise human resource management in the public service for effective and efficient service delivery to citizens.


The idea to form the Network was conceived in Cape Town, South Africa, in April, 2007 by participants from African countries who attended the International Symposium of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR). This idea was supported by representatives of the World Bank, United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), IPMA-HR and the members of Public Service Commissions who attended the symposium. A small working group was formed after the symposium to prepare background document which was endorsed during the 29 th AAPAM Roundtable Conference held in Mbabane Swaziland from 3 rd to 7 th September 2007. At the Mbabane workshop, the idea was further solidified shaping it with the primary objectives and anticipated role to facilitate sharing of knowledge, information, best practices and capacity building amongst African public sector human resource management professionals. Further encouragement was obtained from the meeting of Heads of African Public Service Commissions and other Appointing Authorities which took place in Kampala from 7 th to 11 th April 2008 under the auspices of AAPAM and UNDESA.
The plan to launch APS HRMnet in Feb. 2009 was concretised in Accra-Ghana in October, 2008 during the 30 th AAPAM Roundtable Conference. The Chairperson of the Pan African Conference of Ministers of Public Services Ms Geraldine Frazier Moleketi the then Minister of Public Service and Administration of South Africa was briefed by Dr. John-Mary Kauzya of UNDESA in June 2008 on the progress and objectives of establishing the network requesting her to present it to other Ministers responsible for Public Service in Africa. In August 2008 the draft document of the APS HRMnet was forwarded to her.
The communiqué on the establishment of APS- HRMnet was also prepared, distributed and endorsed by 30 th AAPAM Roundtable Conference held in Accra Ghana from 6 th to 10 th October 2008. The working group which discussed the draft Constitution had representatives from 22 African countries. On Friday 27 th February 2009, at the Arusha International Conference Centre, 137 delegates from 22 countries, attending the workshop on “Capacity Building for Human Resource Development Policy and Strategy in the public Service in Africa ” adopted the Constitution and Rules of the Africa Public Sector Human Resource Managers Network (APS-HRMnet). In less than two years after the idea of establishing the network was conceived in Cape Town, it was formally launched and its Executive Council was elected.
The launching of the APS-HRMnet was attended by Ministers Responsible for Public Service, Permanent Secretaries, Representatives of Public Service Commissions, and Managers of Human Resources in Public Sector Institutions as well as representatives of Management Development Institutes (MDIs). The launching of the APS-HRMnet was a landmark event in Africa’s efforts to strengthen professionalism in the management of human resources in the Public Service.
The long term expected accomplishment of the Africa Public Sector Human Resource Mangers’ Network, is best captured in the Constitution of the Network as follows:


APS-HRMnet derives its mandate from the Constitution and Rules (2009) approved by the Network first General Assembly held in Arusha, Tanzania inFebruary 2009. It was created “in order to promote, improve and strengthenexcellence, integrity and professional standards in the practice of human resource management in the public sector in Africa” (Constitution and Rules, Preamble paragraph 3). The founding document(s) states that its objectives may be pursued by the Network on its own or in collaboration with institutions with similar objectives by the following means: