Every government requires capable human resources with requisite capabilities to achieve its development agenda.   This explains the need for promoting effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery to achieve strategic development goals and commitments of the African countries at the global, regional and national levels.

The understanding behind the establishment of the Network was and still is that the translation of local, national, regional, and global development strategies into tangible results and fulfilment of the service needs of the citizens must be placed in the hands of capable human resources. APS-HRMnet was therefore established to professionalise human resource management in the public service for effective and efficient service delivery to citizens.

The Network ‘s operations are ran through three institutional organs, namely: 

  • The Members’ Assembly
The Executive Council
The Secretariat 


  • To contribute to the development of professional capacity, ethics and integrity, of Human Resource managers in the Public Sector in Africa through training, information exchange and propagation of the Africa Charter on Values of Public Service and Administration
  • To enhance the use of information and communication technologies in the development of human resource management capacity in Africa
  • To uplift the positioning and leadership of the human resource managers in the Public service so as to enable them to play their role of organizational  experts, advisors, , and change agent in matters of capacity development and performance in Africa’s Public Service.
  • To increase significantly the individual and corporate membership of the Network covering all African countries including Human Resource Managers in Ministries, Government Departments, Public Service Commission and other appointing authorities, Public Sector Institutions and Local Governments/Authorities.
  • To increase the financial resource envelop of the APS-HRMnet to enable it stand on a self-reliance and self-sustaining basis in conducting its business.


providing human resource practitioners and scholars in the public sector in Africa with a networking Platform for advocacy, professional development of human
resource management, information and knowledge sharing to organizational and individual capacity for effective performance.

Specifically the network seeks to:-

  • Identify and share best practices;
  • Promote excellence, integrity and professional standards;
  • Support implementation of African Charter;
  • Provide and share tools models, methods and data;
  • Promote continuous learning (Knowledge and Skills); and
  • Advocate for Strategic positioning of Human Resource Management.

The APS-HRMnet Executive is convinced that forming local chapters will expand its membership and this
will subsequently support achievement of the objectives of the network at local level to suit peculiarities
of each country across the continent. The network therefore approved a structure that allows each
country to form a Country Chapter.

These guidelines provide parameters that will be used to standardize the process of establishing
APS-HRMnet Country/Local chapters and growing them, keeping in mind various country regulatory and policy frameworks.